Crystal Breaker
Image: @Terarin55

Fresh off releasing Missile Dancer 2, Terarin Games has announced it is already hard at work on its next retro-style shoot-em-up Crystal Breaker (thanks Gosokkyu for the spot!).

The game will be released for Nintendo Switch & Steam and will feature a more aggressive play style, emphasizing quick reactions and melee attacks. Unlike Missile Dancer 2, which paid tribute to Sega's super scaler games, Crystal Breaker is a vertical shoot-em-up, making it more in line with the indie developer's previous titles like Missile Dancer, Raging Blasters, and Moon Dancer.

According to Terarin Game's latest blog post breaking down the game's systems, it will feature two playable protagonists Layla and Jenny β€” each of which has their own special play style.

Layla, for instance, is considered to be the standard character for most players starting out, while Jenny offers a slightly more advanced experience boasting an increased attack power but a reduced range. There are no sub-weapons like bombs, but players will be able to collect power-ups to level up their shots and also raise the number of directions in which they are firing.

In total, Terarin Games is planning a total of 8 stages for the project, with all of these containing their own boss fight. Once players have completed a stage, they will then be able to revisit it whenever they want, letting them try to beat their own scores in 8 different caravan-style levels.

A store page is already live on Steam if you want to lend your support to the project or add it to your wishlist. It is scheduled to be released in 2024, but no precise launch date has been given yet. We'll try to keep you updated on any additional news, as it becomes available.

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