Hands On: Anicorn's Mega Drive / Genesis Watch Is A Fun Time 12
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Luxury watchmaker Anicorn has produced a few video game-related timepieces in recent years, but its most recent effort – based on Sega's 16-bit Genesis / Mega Drive console – is one which is going to be of particular interest to retro gaming fans.

Retailing for $800 USD (yes, you read that correctly), the watch is available in three regional variants – Mega Drive (Japan), Genesis (North America) and Mega Drive (Europe).

Each version has subtle differences in keeping with the design of the original console; for example, the '16-bit' font on the Japanese version is different to that seen on the Western versions, just as it was back in the day. The logo embossed on the strap is also different depending on which edition you pick up.

A lot of care and attention has clearly been taken to make sure this collaboration ticks all of the right boxes – speaking of which, the packaging is based on Read-Only Memory's excellent Sega Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works book and the small leaflet included with the watch even features an introduction penned by ROM founder Darren Wall.

Boasting a Seiko NH35 automatic (or "self-winding") movement and a running time of over 40 hours when fully wound, Anicorn's tribute to Sega's most successful home console works as good as it looks.

While the watch has an analogue movement inside, the way in which it displays the time is unique; a small window displays the hours and minutes in digital format, but the numbers are actually printed onto two dials which shift in time with the analogue movement. A smaller dial denotes seconds, but these are represented by the movement of a small line rather than numbers.

The stainless steel housing feels weighty and robust, but not so much that it's too heavy to wear. It's water-resistant to a depth of 50 meters and even has a transparent back panel so you can see the movement in action. Finally, the strap is made from black leather.

Is it worth $800, though? Well, given that the market for high-spec watches is pretty comfortable with such prices (and beyond, to be honest), it's perhaps not a huge amount of cash to pay for what will surely become an iconic collectable item.

It all depends on how much you want the world to know you're a diehard Sega fan; we'd imagine that some people might be a little self-conscious about wearing a replica game console on their wrist, especially one which costs such a large amount of money. However, we're pleased to report that we're not one of "those people", and we think Anicorn's Sega collaboration is downright gorgeous (Nintendo fans may feel otherwise, of course).

Now, all we need is one for the Sega Saturn, and we can die happy.

Thanks to Anicorn for sending the sample used in this feature.