Dino Crisis
Image: Capcom

Capcom has recently been running a new "Super Election" survey on its 40th-anniversary website Capcom Town, which, among other things, is asking fans what games from their classic back catalog they want to see a remake or a sequel to.

And though the voting is still not over (it officially ends on April 12th), it appears that they've already shared some partial results in the form of a giant word bubble, letting us get a rough idea of how things are going so far (thanks Eventhubs for the spot!).

In case you haven't already voted, the Super Election survey basically contains a total of 10 questions, with two of these, in particular, asking “Are there any Capcom game series (including spinoff games) that you would like to see get a sequel or a new game?” and “Is there a game that you would like to see completely remade with the latest technology…?”

For these questions, Capcom has provided a bunch of classic titles for players to pick from, including a bunch of popular games like Onimusha, Okami, and so on.

According to Capcom on Twitter, the word cloud represents the results after receiving 200,000 votes and was put together with the help of a text mining tool. It's not exactly clear whether this is based on all of the votes that were inputted or just written responses and it also looks to take into account some of the other questions like "What was your first Capcom game?" and "Who is your favourite Capcom character?".

Capcom "Super Election" Partial Results
Image: Capcom

Nevertheless, it gives us a rough indication of some of the most popular games that have been mentioned so far, letting us see that Mega Man and Dino Crisis have been two of the most talked-about games, with Ace Attorney and Resident Evil also appearing quite prominently across people's answers. Other games, meanwhile, that we can also spot include titles like Dead Rising, Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry, Okami, Darkstalkers, and God Hand.

If you want to join in on the voting, you can head over to Capcom Town now (you'll need an account to take part).

[source captown.capcom.com, via eventhubs.com]