Anbernic Announces The RG28XX With Game Boy-Style Colourway 1

Emulation hardware specialist Anbernic has just announced another handheld device (thanks, Retro Dodo).

Entitled the RG28XX, this particular piece of hardware uses a horizontal format and would appear to offer the same amount of processing power as the RG35XX Plus – in the video issued by Anbernic, it is shown playing PSP and Dreamcast games.

The RG28XX will be available in four colourways: beige white, black transparent, grey and orange. The grey model is clearly inspired by the colours Nintendo used on the original Game Boy.

No solid details regarding specs, price or release have been given by Anbernic, but we imagine this will be making its way to market pretty soon.

As for pricing, Anbernic's devices tend to hover between the £50-£100 mark, so it would be wise to expect the RG28XX to follow suit.