Remember When Virtua Fighter 2 Was In The X-Files? 1
Image: Fox

Cameo appearances by video games in mainstream media certainly aren't a new thing, and during the '90s, several big titles were featured in both movies and TV shows.

One example we've been reminded of by Twitter user Rooflemonger is a memorable appearance by Sega's iconic Virtua Fighter 2 co-op in an episode of The X-Files, which was first aired on September 26th, 1996.

Entitled D.P.O., the focus of the episode is the five teens in Oklahoma being struck by lightning, with only one of them surviving the ordeal. Agents Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) are sent in to investigate and meet Bart 'Zero' Liquori (played by none other than Jack Black) and Darin Peter Oswald (played by Giovanni Ribisi). Both were arguably at the start of their careers.

Key sequences in the episode take place in an arcade packed with classic coin-ops, but it's Virtua Fighter 2 which gets the most screen time:

Let us know if you recall this particular episode, or if you have any other video game cameos which spring to mind.