Looks Like We're Getting Another GBA SP Clone This Year 1
Image: Zion Grassl / Time Extension

We're already getting an emulation-based GBA clone in the form of the Miyoo Mini Flip, but rival firm Anbernic is preparing its own device with the same form factor.

The RG35XX SP has leaked in a short video on social media and clearly takes inspiration from Nintendo's popular clamshell handheld.

It would seem Anbernic is preparing to launch this alongside a revised 2024 model of the existing RG35XX, which it has already iterated on more than once. We reviewed the RG35XX Plus and RG35XX H last year.

According to Retro Handhelds, it is expected that the RG35XX SP will offer similar specs to the Plus and H, which means a 3.5-inch IPS screen with a 640 x 480 resolution, Allwinner H700 chipset, Dual-core G31 MP2 GPU and 1GB of LPDDR4 RAM.

Compared to the Miyoo Mini Flip, it seems that the RG35XX SP will lack dual analogue sticks, which could present problems when emulating some PS1 titles.

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