Give Your Dreamcast VMU A Lick Of Colour With These Replacement Shells 1
Image: @vgnydan

While there were a few different variants of the Dreamcast VMU (the Godzilla one being a personal favourite of ours), it never felt like Sega really pushed the concept of colourful cases to its limit – and, as a result, the vast majority of people playing the console today are stuck with the dull grey version.

Publisher VGNYsoft is looking to change that with a range of replacement VMU shells, and is seeking crowdfunding support to make it happen.

The company has previously experimented with custom shells for the Dreamcast's memory card; it created a one-off version to support the release of Hermes on the console and even created one for the last Blockbuster store in the world.

The range will include silver, gold, transparent orange, transparent purple, transparent grey and clear versions. You can register your interest on the Kickstarter page now.

This isn't the only VMU-related news happening in the world of Dreamcast right now – a new and improved version is on the way, thanks to the efforts of a talented modder.