Image: UPL

The 1983 action-arcade platformer Mouser is coming to Nintendo Switch & PS4 as this week's Arcade Archives release (thanks Famitsu!).

It will begin distribution tomorrow (March 14th) in Japan, with the game expected to hit Western storefronts shortly after.

Mouser was developed by the company UPL and was released in Japan in 1983 (with Cosmos handling the game's publishing in North America). It is often described as UPL's answer to Donkey Kong and sees players take control of a cat who must rescue their beloved from a group of clever mice.

Much like in Donkey Kong, players must climb up and down ladders to avoid obstacles (which in this case, includes blocks of cheese thrown at the player), with the ultimate goal being to reach the top of the screen and save your girlfriend. However, Mouser introduces a bit of a twist on the Donkey Kong formula, with players having to obtain ladder parts by catching mice before making their final ascent.

In addition to the arcade release, the game was also released on MSX computers (again in 1983).

You can watch some footage of Mouser being played below: