3DS Emulator Citra Is Dead, Along With Switch Emulator Yuzu  1
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Popular 3DS emulator Citra has been taken down as collateral damage in Nintendo's legal action against the makers of the Switch emulator, Yuzu.

Tropic Haze – the company behind both emulators – has agreed to pay Nintendo USD $2.4 million in damages following a lawsuit filed by the Kyoto-based video game giant.

A joint motion was filed today (as spotted via Ryan Brown on Bluesky) between Nintendo and Tropic Haze in which the latter appears to have accepted all of the former's demands without question. Tropic Haze will cease working on the emulator, will hand over all tools to Nintendo and will relinquish the website yuzu-emu.org.

While it's understandable that an emulator for a current-gen console should come under Nintendo's scrutiny, it's a shame that Citra has been dragged down with it. We recently covered the Meta Quest 3 version of the 3DS emulator and found it to be possibly the best way to experience Nintendo's 3D console in 2024.

Nintendo recently took down the 3DS eShop, removing legal access to many of the console's best games, so emulation is now the only way to fully appreciate its library.

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