Poll: What's The Best Yakuza / Like A Dragon Game? 1
Image: Sega

The Yakuza series – now known as Like A Dragon these days – has been something of a slow burn outside of Japan.

Early entries on the PS2 gained some critical traction but didn't unduly trouble the sales charts, but, in recent years, the franchise has become of the Sega's crown jewels all over the globe, with the latest instalment – Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth – becoming the best-selling so far.

Set in Japan's criminal underworld, it's tempting for newcomers to dismiss the Yakuza games as little more than GTA set in the Far East, but this couldn't be less accurate. Across its many entries, the series mixes real-time combat, arcade mini-games, side-missions, running a business and much, much more besides. There are even spin-off Yakuza games set in samurai-era Japan and one which is set in the post-apocalyptic world of Fist of the North Star.

With Yakuza / Like A Dragon's global fame now bigger than ever, we thought it would be the perfect time to ask which entry is the best. Below, you'll find every instalment listed in our database, alongside spin-offs and related titles, like Judgment and its sequel, Lost Judgement.

Simply assign a rating to the games you've played, and we'll use the votes to build our eventual list.