Monkey Island
Image: Lucasfilm Games

Update [Tue 6th Feb, 2024 18:15 GMT]: And just like that, it's out! You can watch the full documentary now on YouTube. So grab some popcorn, pop your feet up, and relax as Noclip takes you back to Monkey Island.

Original Story [Tue 6th Feb, 2024 10:30 GMT]: The video game documentarians Noclip have revealed that their next documentary will be a look into the legacy of the Monkey Island franchise, and the story of how Return To Monkey Island came to be.

The news was announced on Noclip's Twitter page on Feb 2nd, with the documentary filmmakers releasing an early access version of the 90-minute documentary to their Patrons over on Patreon.

From the images shared along with the announcement, it appears that Noclip has managed to get in touch with a bunch of notable people tied to the series. This includes its original creator Ron Gilbert, the writer and designer Dave Grossman, the voice of Guybrush Dominic Armato, and the Return to Monkey Island developers Jenn Sandercock and Rex Crowle.

As mentioned, at the moment you need to be a subscriber to Noclip's Patreon channel to watch the documentary, but a version for YouTube is expected to drop sometime this week.

We'll let you know once it is available to watch on the platform.