Scud Race
Image: Sega

EmuDeck – an essential tool for Steam Deck users who want to play retro games – is about to be updated to version 2.2.4, and this will bring with it Sega Model 2 and Model 3 support.

The update is currently available to Patreon supporters, but is pitched as a 'release candidate', so a wider public launch shouldn't be far away.

Sega's Model 2 and Model 3 arcade hardware played host to titles such as Daytona USA, Sega Rally 2, Scud Race and Virtua Fighter 3 – so this will be welcome news for fans of the company. It's already possible to emulate both of these arcade standards on Steam Deck, but support within EmuDeck should take some of the heavy lifting out of the process.

For SteamOS users, you'll not only get support for Sega's arcade games but also an improved installer, updated controls in the Dolphin emulator and bugs fixes.

The other big news is that EmuDeck is coming to Android for the first time. While this version is very early (RetroArch and Pegasus are the only apps available at present), it's an exciting new development for emulation on Android.