Image: Tecmo

Hamster has revealed that Tecmo's horizontal shooter Silkworm is coming to Nintendo Switch & PS4 later this week as part of Arcade Archives. It will begin distribution on February 1st.

Originally hitting arcades back in 1988, Silkworm was a sidescrolling action game that featured a unique multiplayer design that saw one player flying a helicopter while a second person got behind the wheel of a jeep.

It was ported to various home computers in 1989 (including the Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum Amstrad CPC), and also later received an NES port one year later in 1990.

Interestingly, though the game never got a sequel, it eventually spawned a spiritual successor in the form of the SWIV series. This was published by the same company that was behind Silkworm's home computer ports and also allowed players to pick between playing as either a jeep or a helicopter. However, unlike Silkworm, the majority of its games were vertical scrollers.

You can watch a video of Silkworm in action below: