Oreo Pac-Man
Image: @OreoUKi

Pac-Man and Oreo have teamed up for an exciting new promotion in the UK & Ireland, offering a chance to win a bunch of cool prizes (thanks Retro Dodo for the spot!).

These include an opportunity to be entered into a prize draw to win a trip for two to Tokyo (valued at over £6,000) or potentially scoop some limited-edition instant prizes like a Pac-Man arcade cabinet, mini Pac-Man arcade machine, or a Pac-Man keyring game.

If you fancy taking part, you'll need to get your hands on the new Oreo Pac-Man cookies that are currently in stores, between now and April 28th, 2024 (which is when the competition ends).

Once you've secured a packet, you can then scan the QR code on the side to check whether you've won any of the instant prizes. Or, alternatively, scan one of the special Pac-Man-themed cookies to launch a mobile version of the classic maze game, where you'll need to achieve a score of 300 or more to be entered into the prize draw for the trip to Japan.

[source retrododo.com]