I thought this was SONIC 2! (CONSOLE Edition)
Image: Hat Loving Gamer

Hat-Loving Gamer / Chris Ramzie makes some amazing videos based on classic game series, and one of his most celebrated accomplishments adds some famous faces to the world of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Entitled 'I thought this was SONIC 2! (CONSOLE Edition)', the video is part of a whole series, and they're all worth a look.

In the clip – which is based on the boss battle at the conclusion of Sonic 2 – we see a whole bunch of iconic video game characters, including Super Mario, Lara Croft, Captin Olimar, Alex Kidd, Axel Stone, Little Mac, Bomberman, Link, Rayman, Solid Snake and Crash Bandicoot – to name just a few.

All of these characters can be seen fighting a selection of popular gaming systems, including the Genesis / Mega Drive, NES and GameCube.

We'd highly recommend checking out Hat-Loving Gamer's other videos, both via his Twitter account and his YouTube channel.

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