Update [Fri 5th Jan, 2024 11:05 GMT]: Evercade maker Blaze has published a preview which looks at the games on the upcoming third C64 collection in a little more detail.

You can check it out on the Evercade site here.

Original Story [Thu 7th Dec, 2023 17:30 GMT]: Earlier today, Evercade unveiled TheC64 Collection 3, the latest in its series of cartridge-based retro reissues for its Evercade line of consoles.

The collection will feature 13 games that were previously released for the Commodore 64 back in the 80s, including sports titles, classic shoot 'em ups, platformers, and puzzle games. These titles include Epyx's Olympic sports game Summer Games II (published in the UK by U.S. Gold), the Commodore 64 port of Boulder Dash, and Hewson's top-down shoot 'em up Heavy Metal Paradroid.

Here is the full list of games included in the collection:

  • Summer Games II
  • Boulder Dash
  • Heavy Metal Paradroid
  • Super Cycle
  • Jumpman Junior
  • Cyberdyne Warrior
  • Cybernoid II: The Revenge
  • Netherworld
  • Deliverance: Stormlord II
  • Anarchy
  • Exolon
  • Street Sports Soccer
  • Break Dance

You will be able to pre-order the cart on December 15th, with the game being slated to release sometime in February 2024.

[source evercade.co.uk, via twitter.com]