R?MJ: The Mystery Hospital
Image: System Sacom/Bandai

Last year saw a group of hackers create an English fan translation for the PlayStation 1 port of System Sacom and Bandai's obscure horror game R?MJ: The Mystery Hospital. And now it appears that another fan translation is now in the works for the game — this time for the Sega Saturn version (as reported by Sega Saturn, Shiro!).

The patch is being worked on Kitchen34, who announced the effort over on the SegaXtreme and the Delta Island forums on November 12th.

In the announcement, they revealed that it will be available in both English and French and that it will be based on the existing PS1 translation patch from SnowyAria, EsperKnight, Cargodin, and blametherobot:

"I am resuming the translation from the team that previously worked on it for the Ps1. Everything will be duly credited, of course; it's a straightforward conversion of the translation."

R?MJ: The Mystery Hospital follows a group of four individuals who find themselves trapped inside a hospital after the outbreak of a deadly virus and must then band together to solve the mystery of a bunch of bizarre paintings that have appeared. The game features a combination of animated cutscenes and first-person exploration in order to tell its story.

We'll aim to keep you posted as the project develops.

[source segasaturnshiro.com, via twitter.com]