R?MJ: The Mystery Hospital
Image: System Sacom/Bandai

A fan group, comprised of hackers, artists, and translators, got together recently to provide English subtitles for Bandai and System Sacom's horror game R?MJ: The Mystery Hospital.

This means that anyone who has the BIN files for both discs can now patch their original copy of the game to play it in English; just in time for Halloween!

In case you're unfamiliar, R?MJ: The Mystery Hospital is a first-person interactive adventure game, not unlike Warp's D. Developed by System Sacom and published by Bandai, it came out for the Sega Saturn and PlayStation 1 in 1997.

The game follows four individuals, including a goofy skateboarder named Tomowo, who find themselves trapped together inside a creepy hospital after an outbreak of a deadly virus sends the building into lockdown. Together you must investigate this gloomy setting to find a way out while uncovering the truth behind a series of ancient paintings that have mysteriously appeared across the hospital walls.

SnowyAria was responsible for handling the translation of this project, with EsperKnight doing the hacking. Cargodin and blametherobot, meanwhile contributed some graphics, including image editing and font editing.

We asked SnowyAria why they decided to tackle this game. They told Time Extension:

"Oddly enough, I was spending a lot of time translating a different game around a year ago and made myself take a break and actually play a random game I bought from EsperKnight. I popped in R?MJ and streamed to discord and after an hour or so, ended up going 'I think we have to add this to the list'. It's such a good combo of so bad it's good. The game itself is wide open; all the videos are sitting perfectly on disc, all the images are easy to get to, and the audio is in a neat folder.

"The main challenge was the soft subtitle implementation, which EsperKnight's been wanting to learn. R?MJ provided a very easy playground to write the code for that with how simple and open it was. That code groundwork lead to Iblard's audio sub release and hopefully more down the road!"

You can watch the trailer for their patch below. Information on how to apply the patch can also be found on the RHDN page inside the readme.txt. If you find yourself stuck, there's also a spoiler-free walkthrough you can check.

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