Image: Lionhead Studios/Microsoft

An ex-Lionhead and Fable developer has been reunited with a plaque, which was given to him for his work on the Xbox game back in 2004.

The programmer Mike Ducker, who now works at Glowmade along with other Lionhead alum, had presumed the plaque stolen ever since 2010 when his house was robbed and several guitars were taken. But, thanks to a game developer named @IchiSumeragi, he recently found someone selling the plaque on eBay and managed to negotiate a discounted price for its return.

According to Ducker, in a string of tweets, it ended up in a recycling centre auction in Northampton around 2014, before sitting in a private collection until it went on sale on eBay. Now Ducker finally has it back in his possession once again, marking an end to a strange journey for the piece of game development memorabilia.

Development on Fable started at the Lionhead satellite studio Big Blue Box under the stewardship of founders Dene and Simon Carter. It later went on to spawn two direct sequels and various other projects set in the world of Albion. You can find out more about its development in our detailed making of.

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