Image: Sega

At the Scottish Games Awards, which took place on November 2nd at Platform, in Glasgow, the co-creator of Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings, Mike Dailly, was given a lifetime achievement award for his contributions to the games industry.

Dailly was one of the founding members of the Dundee-based studio DMA Design, alongside David Jones, Russell Kay, and Steve Hammond (who were all former members of the Kingsway Amateur Computer Club).

While at DMA, he would later go on to be involved in the creation of the original animation in Deluxe Paint that led to the first Lemmings game and the original graphics engine for Grand Theft Auto, in addition to being a programmer on both games.

Dailly left DMA Design in 1999, eventually going on to work at other companies like Visual Science (a studio formed by DMA alumnus Russell Kay), Realtime Worlds (a company founded by David Jones), and Yo Yo Games (the makers of the popular development tool Game Maker).

Chris Sawyer (the creator of RollerCoaster Tycoon and Transport Tycoon) and the Grand Theft Auto level designer/mobile developer Paul Farley were also in the running for the award.

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