DoDonPachi Blissful Death Reincarnation
Image: M2

Update [Thu 23rd Nov, 2023 10:40 GMT]: As spotted by Gematsu, the upcoming game Dodonopachi DaiOujou Blissful Death Reincarnation, will also include the first-ever port of the rare international export Dodonpachi III.

This is an extremely hard-to-find version of the game (legitimately, at least) that was released between the White Label original and the Black Label update (which is also included in the package). Some of the differences found within include its English text and other changes such as alterations to the maximum score and different 'extend' conditions on your second playthrough.

There's still no word on a Western release for Dodonopachi DaiOujou Blissful Death Reincarnation as of yet, but you can watch the Japanese trailer below if you're interested:

Original Story [Thu 10th Aug, 2023 15:00 BST]: M2 has revealed that DoDonPachi Blissful Death Re:Incarnation / Dodonpachi DaiOuJou Rinne Tensei will launch on Switch and PS4 on December 7th, with pre-orders going live on August 11th.

The game will be available in digital form (¥4950), standard physical (¥7480) and Limited Edition (¥10780).

The latter will include brand-new art by Junya Inoue, a book containing interviews and other materials, CD OST, 'how-to-play' cards and a pin badge.

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