Mr. Tuff
Image: Retro Room

Back in the '90s, you may have read about a Super Nintendo platformer called Mr. Tuff from the developer Sales Curve Interactive (SCI) and the publisher Ocean Software. It was reviewed in a bunch of magazines throughout 1995 like Super Gamer and Game Fan, but was oddly cancelled at the last minute leading to players being unable to purchase the game legally.

Now, 28 years later, thanks to The Retro Room, an official release is finally happening, with the retro publisher listing a bunch of options on its website for those wanting to pick up a copy of this obscure title (for either PAL or NTSC). These include a digital download ($15), a cart ($29.99), or a box ($49.99) featuring a manual and a copy of the game.

Here's a short story description and some PR taken from The Retro Room website:

"After the entire population of earth escapes to the planet Utopia, the army robots take over the world. It is up to Mr. Tuff to save the world for the peaceful domestic robots! Take control in this amazing action platformer for the first time EVER on physical release!"

According to John Roo, the owner of The Retro Room, on Twitter, the release represents two years of trying to license the game. The first 100 orders of the CIB option will also get some limited-edition box art and some stickers.

You can purchase the game here.