The German developer Morphcat Games has successfully kickstarted a new multicart for the NES, featuring three of its indie platformers: Micro Mages Second Quest, Spacegulls, and Böbl.

The cart raised over £51,000 on Kickstarter, smashing its original target of £25,731, but it is worth mentioning that there's still time to back the project if you feel like getting your hands on all three of these titles in one convenient retro package.

Micro Mages Second Quest, just to give you a brief explainer, is a 1-4 player hack of the original Micro Mages, offering 26 new and challenging levels, a hell mode, and a blood bonds mode.

Spacegulls, meanwhile, is designed for 1-2 players and is a combination of games like Joust, Mega Man, and DuckTales. It features more than 80 rooms to explore and a side quest for dedicated players to complete.

Böbl - a physics-based Metroidvania starring a bubble as the lead — rounds out the three games included on the cart. It has time trail ghosts, a randomizer to switch the locations of its 8 collectible ducks, and a death-free zen mode.

Morphcat Triple Jump
Image: Morphcat Studios

Currently, there are three reward tiers available to back (the fourth option is now sold out). These include the digital pack (€8/£7), featuring the ROM of the collection to play on an emulator; the retro pack (€48/£42) containing a physical cart, manual, box, and dust sleeve; and a deluxe pack (€55/£48) that adds a neck strap keychain and three A2 posters.

You can back the project at this address.