The Scramble Vice
Image: Studio Pico/Flyhigh Works

The publisher Flyhigh Works and developer Studio Pico (the creators of Shinobi non Grata) yesterday announced a new sidescrolling game called The Scramble Vice, which is coming to PC (via Steam) in 2024 (thanks Gematsu for the spot!).

The Scramble Vice sees players take control of the police officer Sakuragi Kei, who works for the 9th unit of the Tokyo Mobile Police, as she tries to locate the coordinates of a terrorist cell within Neo Tokyo in the year 2048. She is armed with a powerful robot exoskeleton named "ASURA" in order to carry out her job, which comes specially equipped with a bunch of different long-range and melee weapons to demolish any enemies that stand in her way.

According to the Steam page, there are 12 levels in the game in total, with gameplay varying between sections in the exoskeleton and moments on foot. There are also 10 types of weapons available to use and 10 vehicles to discover (including motorbikes and cars)

Here is some more information taken from Steam:

"In the year 2048, with the advancement of technology comes a spike in criminal acts using robots. The biggest perpetrators of crime are terrorists that are turning increasingly destructive by the day. Safety levels within the capital are at an all-time low.

"Tasked to handle the situation is the notorious 9th Mobile Unit of the Tokyo Police Department, also known as “The Scramble Vice”.

"Clad in an armed exoskeleton suit, police officer Sakuragi Kei of the 9th unit stands to fight robot crimes within Neo Tokyo!

"Her suit “ASURA” can equip various firearms and melee weapons. It is also installed with a “Homing Missile” function that follows targets wherever they go, and a “Roller Boost” function that can dodge even the heaviest rain of enemy projectiles.

"Are you ready to scramble up Tokyo?"

The game is scheduled to hit Steam in 2024 (no precise release date has been announced yet, sorry!). You can wishlist it now to show your support and keep up to date with its progress over the next year.

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