Puzzle Bobble / Bust-A-Move
Image: Taito

Back in January, we reported on the computer scientist Dr. Tom Tilley and his bizarre contraption that transformed a deodorant ball, a football, some cardboard, and an optical mouse into a fun, new way to play Katamari Damacy.

Well, now it appears he's back at it again, this time turning a humble salad spinner into a makeshift controller to play Puzzle Bobble / Bust-A-Move with. His latest creation again uses a healthy dose of cardboard and an optical mouse, which are placed inside the spinner, as well as an external button positioned on the outside of the container.

When Tilley turns the spinner, the mouse reads the movement, and the character on the screen changes the direction of its shot. He can then fire with the button on the top of the lid.

As Tilley explained on Twitter, the idea first came to him when his wife announced she was about to throw the spinner out. So before it ended up at a thrift store or a charity shop, he seized an opportunity to test how well it stacked up as a Puzzle Bobble controller.

If you think that's an unusual thought process, then you're probably right, but Tilley has prior form for creating unusual controllers out of everyday household items. In the past, for instance, he's made a Puzzle Bobble controller out of a coffee grinder, as well as some PVC pipe.

If you enjoy this creation, we recommend subscribing to Tilley's channel here for some more mad and inventive contraptions or checking out his website to keep up-to-date with his various projects.

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