Strike Gunner S.T.G
Image: Athena

Hamster, the company behind Arcade Archives, has announced it has acquired the rights to the Japanese developer Athena's back catalogue (as reported by 4Gamer). This is the company behind arcade games like Dragon Unit, Strike Gunner S.T.G, Daioh, and J.J. Squawkers.

The first reissue from the developer's extended gameography will be Strike Gunner S.T.G, a vertically scrolling shooter that arrived in the arcades back in 1991 (before being ported to the Super Famicom/SNES one year later). According to the report, this title will be released for both Nintendo Switch & PS4 on September 21st, as part of Hamster's ongoing Arcade Archives series.

Strike Gunner S.T.G, in case you've never had the chance to play it, takes place in 2008 and sees players get behind the controls of a fighter jet to repel an alien attack. Pilots are equipped with a powerful laser that can be upgraded, as well as 10 powerful support units that can be picked from before starting each mission.

You will be able to download the title from the Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Store later this month. For now, why not check out this longplay of the game below: