Hebereke's Pair Pair Wars
Image: Sunsoft

Earlier this year, Sunsoft announced that it was releasing a new book called Sunsoft Chronicle, documenting the history of the famous Japanese developer with interviews, concept materials, and never-before-seen information. It was scheduled to be released in Japan on September 27th, but it seems that the company is offering up some attractive bonuses to get people to preorder the book before then.

As spotted by VGDensetsu, those who pre-order the book before August 31st online will, according to the retailer Shosen, also receive a copy of the soundtrack to Hebereke's Pair Pair Wars, a Neo Geo Hebereke game that was set to be released back in 1996, but was later cancelled for unknown reasons.

Not much is known about this game, except that it was a tile-matching puzzle title (similar to Sunsoft's Shanghai games) that featured pre-rendered sprites and had players maneuver Hebereke (or one of his 7 friends) around a board in order to pair tiles.

According to the website Neo Geo Protos, an arcade operator in the US had one of the only existing prototypes of the game, but this was allegedly damaged in a flood back in 1998 with attempts to track down other versions to preserve having so far been unsuccessful. As a result, it's incredible to see Sunsoft releasing the soundtrack publicly all these years later and we can only hope that it will partner with a Western company to distribute it more widely.

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