Mickey and Donald G&W
Image: Menyiques

Back in June of this year, you may remember that we covered the release of Sergio Morale's unofficial port of Mario Bros. Game & Watch for the ZX Spectrum. Well, now it seems the developer is back again, and about to release another port of a classic Game & Watch title for the popular micro.

This will be a port of Mickey & Donald Game & Watch, a 1982 multi-screen Game & Watch title that saw Mickey and Donald becoming firefighters and trying to battle a dangerous blaze (similar to in the 1935 animated short film Mickey's Fire Brigade).

Morales announced the port earlier today, with the developer receiving help from Paco Gomez, who created the sprites and tested the game, as well as Javi Ortiz. Once again, the project uses Jose Rodriguez's Boriel compiler. It also utilizes a bunch of Beepola samples, created by ccowly.

Here are some instructions on how to play, taken from the itch page:

"A building is on fire. Donald Duck is on the roof trying to put out the fire as it climbs up the building. Goofy is working the water pump, but if Mickey does not keep after him, Goofy goofs off. The hose is patched in two places. When a big volume of water is pumped through the hose, the patches leak. Operate the controls so that Mickey, Goofy and Donald put out the fire. "

The game will be released on Sunday, August 20th, and is designed to work on a 48KB ZX Spectrum as well as Spectrum emulators. We'll try and let you know when the game is live.

[source menyiques.itch.io, via twitter.com]