Mario Bros G&W
Image: Menyiques

Nintendo's 1983 game Mario Bros. Game & Watch isn't brought up all that much today, but it's a historic title nonetheless. The game (which bears almost no similarity to the arcade cabinet released three months later) sees Mario and his brother Luigi taking a job at a bottling plant and trying to load crates of bottles onto a truck without dropping them or letting them smash.

It notably featured the first named appearance of Luigi, and also brought multiplayer to the series for the very first time, with two people being able to hold onto opposite sides of the handheld to control the workmen on the device's dual screens.

Because of all of this, it's nice to see it get some rare love all these years later, with the talented developer Sergio "menyiques" Morales publishing a new port of the title for the ZX Spectrum earlier this week (thanks IndieRetroNews for the spot!).

According to the page, Morales wrote the port in BASIC and took advantage of the ZX Boriel compiler in order to get the game up and running. From what we've seen of it so far, it looks absolutely fantastic, with the Spectrum's colour palette being a surprisingly good fit for the retro title.

To give it a try, you can head over to menyiques' page. It should work on both a ZX Spectrum 48k as well as most Spectrum emulators.

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