The F-Zero series is currently in extended hibernation, and we've not seen a fresh entry in the franchise for almost 20 years. While the idea of playing the game on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum might not be exactly what fans are wishing for, it has happened – thanks to the talents of a small homebrew dev by the name of Voxel Tower.

Space Racing naturally has no official blessing from Nintendo itself, but it does a remarkable impression of F-Zero running on the classic British home computer. It uses many of the same ships from the series, and also includes artwork that is lifted directly from F-Zero.

It was produced for the ZX-DEV Media and Demakes competition and is described by its creators as "probably the first racing game to use a fake Mode-7 technique on a real 128kb ZX Spectrum (no specialized chips, just an 8-bit z80 processor)".

It's an impressive achievement, for sure – now if only Nintendo itself could find the heart to give F-Zero some love, we'd be even happier.

This article was originally published by on Mon 20th December, 2021.