Image: Saberman RetroNews

The 'Amijam' game jam competition is in full swing, and as a result, we've seen a lot of fan-made Amiga projects break cover recently.

One of the more interesting ones is Caravandalf, a vertically-scrolling shooter that boasts some of the fastest scrolling we've ever seen on Commodore's 16-bit home computer.

Developed by Peter and Gordon Mackay, the game boasts a fantasy setting complete with lush green forests and medieval towns, but the biggest attraction is the sheer speed at which it runs – it brings to mind some of the best shooters of the 16-bit era on platforms like the PC Engine and Mega Drive.

Peter Mackay, responding to Indie Retro News saying that the scrolling made them feel 'sick', said:

Sorry, I was just trying to do something you don’t often see on Amiga!

If you fancy giving it a go, then you can download it here.