Blue Ace
Image: Avi-8

Capcom has partnered up with the UK watch brand Avi-8 to produce two limited edition watches based on 1942, its classic shoot 'em up that was originally released in the arcades back in 1984 (thanks timeandtidewatches/VGC!).

The two AVI-8 X Capcom 1942 Flyboy Automatic Limited Edition watches will be limited to only 300 pieces each and faithfully recreate the sprites from the iconic game on their face, with the player's plane being attached to the second-hands.

They are distinguished by their different coloured designs, with these two variations of the watch being called the Blue Ace and Black Ace respectively.

The Blue Ace features a stainless steel band with a blue nylon strap and costs £348/$365.

The Black Ace, meanwhile, is slightly more expensive and has a black stainless steel band with a black nylon strap. It costs £367/$385.

The company behind the watches, Avi-8, was founded back in 2012 and primarily makes aviation-themed watches, so seems like the perfect fit in order to immortalize the iconic arcade title, which was loosely inspired by the historic Battle of Midway.

If you're interested in picking one up, you can buy the watches now from Avi-8's website. Both watches are expected to start shipping on August 4th and come in a beautifully presented box which you can see below.

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