Image: Triangle Service

Japanese studio Triangle Service – famous for its shmups like XII Stag and Trizeal – is bringing its 2013 shooter Deltazeal to Nintendo Switch.

Deltazeal launched on Xbox 360 a decade ago, via the bundle pack Shooting Love 10th Anniversary XIIZEAL & DELTAZEAL. A couple of years later, the game was released on Steam.

Here's the write-up from the game's Steam page:

Triangle Service returns with Deltazeal, the second vertical shooter from the Shooting Love Anniversary compilation! A homage to classic ’90s arcade games, Deltazeal thrills with tense shooting action, crisp sprite graphics, and explosive sound. Equip wide shot, concentrated laser or guided missiles to get the best weapon combination, then blast your way through nine stages of mechanized enemies and bosses. Try experimenting with different strategies, as there are many secrets and alternate routes to discover. If you reach the end, you will find a challenging adversary to test your gaming mettle!

Deltazeal arrives on Switch on August 3rd, 2023.