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Update [Mon 10th Jul, 2023 10:15 BST]: We now have more details on the new Time Gal game for Nintendo Switch, which is being released as part of the upcoming Taito LD Game Collection. The game will be included in the special edition version as a download code.

Here's what the official site has to say:

A new adventure game for Nintendo Switch based on "Time Gal".

A new hero "Luna" flies around various times and goes on a great adventure. The episode behind the robbery of the time machine by the great villain Luda and the original hero "Reika" who tracks Luda is revealed.

In this work, Mai Sato, Ayana Taketatsu, Kenta Miyake, Erika Mori, Shiori Izawa, Mikako Komatsu, Miho Okasaki, Rena Ueda, and Lynn will participate in the voice cast. In addition, Ayane is in charge of the theme song of this work. You can enjoy a new story.

Original Story [Fri 7th Jul, 2023 10:35 BST]: Taito has announced that it is releasing remastered versions of three of its '80s LaserDisc arcade games on Nintendo Switch this year as part of its Taito LD Game Collection package.

The trio of games are Time Gal (1985), Space Battleship Yamato (known as Star Blazers in the West) (1985) and Ninja Hayate (1984). All three games will benefit from a 'HD remaster'. The game will launch on December 14th in Japan, and will be getting a physical release, costing 5,720 yen. There's no word on a Western release.

As well as a standard version, Taito is also releasing a special edition (19,580 yen) which will include:

  • Taito LD Game Collection Special Blu-ray Disc
  • Taito LD game collection material collection
  • "Reika" reprint mini standee
  • "Time Gal" reprint mini-poster 2 types
  • "Ninja Hayate" reprint pamphlet
  • Taito LD Game Collection Sound App (serial code included)
  • Game "Time Gal Reverse" (serial code included)

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Here's what Taito's official site has to say about each game, as translated by Google:

Time Gal
Released as an arcade game from Taito, and later ported to home-use game consoles. An HD remaster of an action game in which Reika, the ace of the historical security police, goes back in time and tracks down the future great villain Luda, who stole a time machine and fled to the past. At the time of its release, the main character, Reika, was very popular, and due to the wide variety of reactions when you made a mistake in input, it was popular to play by making a mistake and having fun.

Space Battleship Yamato
Appeared as Taito's second laserdisc animation game. This work is the first consumer transplant, and it is HD remastered. In the game, you will conquer four star systems in Space Battleship Yamato. Aim to clear the stage by avoiding enemy attacks and shooting down enemies along the way.

Ninja Hayate
The first of Taito's laserdisc animation games. After that, HD remastering of the work ported to the home game machine. The princess has been kidnapped by an evil ninja army. Hearing this news, Hayate sneaks into the evil ninja army's castle alone to save the princess. Countless traps, continuous attacks from the ninja army, and bloodthirsty monsters await.

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