The Rubber Keyed Wonder
Image: Oliver Frey/Gracious Films

In October 2021, Gracious Films (the filmmakers behind From Bedrooms to Billions) started a new Kickstarter for an in-depth documentary on the legacy of the ZX Spectrum, called: "The Rubber Keyed Wonder: The ZX Spectrum Movie.' The Kickstarter was a tremendous success, raising over £100,410 from 1,993 backers, and is due to start going out to backers in September.

Now, though, it appears that if you missed your chance to back it the first time around, there's now one final opportunity to support the project and get your hands on the 2-hour documentary and some of the sweet retro-themed rewards.

As detailed on the Kickstarter page, the documentary includes interviews with members of Clive Sinclair's family including Grant and Crispin Sinclair, former employees of Sinclair Research like Nigel Searle, Alison Paine, and Charles Cotton, and the key engineers behind the ZX Spectrum hardware and ROM Richard Altwasser and Dr. Steve Vickers.

It also features interviews with a bunch of game designers/programmers who made a name for themselves by creating games for the microcomputer. This includes Matthew Smith (Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy), Julian Gollop (Chaos), Jon Ritman (Match Day, Head Over Heels), and many, many more!

You can back the project now on Kickstarter. Pledging just £22 will net you a digital copy of the film, while £35 will score you the DVD/Blu-Ray.

You can also pay a little bit more (that is, £65) for a slipcase and poster too, which was designed by the late CRASH and ZZAP!64 illustrator Oliver Frey, or pledge a whole lot more (£165-£199) for a signed collector's box full of Spectrum related merchandise. There's also an option to add on an "Archivist Bundle" too, which will feature one hour of unused footage for the film, as well as isolated featurettes like The Holt Road Story (an isolated segment about the failed attempt to make the 3rd Miner Willy game Megatree with Matthew Smith and Stuart Fotheringham).

The new campaign ends in Thursday, July 20th. So be sure to act before then if you fancy supporting it!

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