Image: Kumagumi

Toaplan's Batsugun may have marked the end of an era for the company, but the 1993 classic is getting a new lease of life thanks to a recent re-release on modern systems called BATSUGUN Saturn Tribute Boosted.

To celebrate this new release, video game merchandise maker Kumagumi has produced a line of officially-licenced Batsugun items, including hats, shirts, jackets, a rug, and much more besides.

"Released in 1993, Batsugun has paved the way for what would become a sub-genre of shmup, the 'danmaku' or 'bullet hell,'" reads Kumagumi's press release on the collaboration. "Toaplan's last title, co-designed by artists Junya Inoue (Joker Jun) and Yuko Takata, developed by a team composed among others of Tsuneki Ikeda - who will become later Cave director - is considered 30 years after its release an object of worship."

Kumagumi has partnered up with Tatsujin Co., Ltd., the company led by Toaplan’s co-founder Yuge Masahiro which owns the rights to the game. The collection will be available worldwide on Kumagumi’s site and in "a selection of retrogaming stores".

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