Trilobyte's The 7th Guestwhich turned 30 this year – is getting a VR update, thanks to Vertigo Games.

A poster child for CD-ROM gaming back in 1993, the game is based in a haunted mansion packed with puzzles to solve.

This new edition will allow players to explore the game in immersive virtual reality, and will contain new rooms to investigate.

Here's some PR:

Experience the most spine-tingling VR mystery adventure of your life.

The classic game that chilled you to the bone in the 90s has been brought back to life, with cutting-edge VR technology that delivers an atmospheric story like no other.

Six guests have been welcomed to the foreboding mansion. But something sinister is at play. The wealthy recluse and toymaker, Henry Stauf, hides in the shadows, and there is a dark power here, shrouded in mysteries. Who is the 7th Guest? What does Henry want with them? And who will live to tell the tale?

As you explore the eerie mansion, the puzzles become increasingly challenging, and there are dangers lurking around every corner, with every shadow, creak, and flicker of light adding to the haunting tension.

Unlock new rooms and uncover hidden secrets, all while trying to keep your wits about you against the eerie horrors.The 7th Guest VR is the ultimate adventure for fans of mystery-puzzle games and those seeking a new and terrifying VR experience.

The 7th Guest VR is coming to Meta Quest 2, 3 and Pro, as well as Steam VR. You can wishlist the Steam version here.