Rage of the Dragons
Image: Piko Interactive

It has been revealed that the Neo Geo title Rage of the Dragons is getting a new physical release at the start of 2024. The new cartridge run will be distributed by Blazepro.

Developed by Noise Factory and Evoga and published by Playmore in 2002, Rage of the Dragons was intended to be a sequel to the Neo Geo Double Dragon one-on-one fighter from 1995, but the developers were unable to secure the rights to use the name. Despite this, several references to Double Dragon remain in place – the most notable being the inclusion of series protagonists Billy and Jimmy.

Piko Interactive announced back in 2020 that it had acquired the rights to the game, and it has been confirmed that a digital release is in the pipeline for modern platforms.

Original copies of the Neo Geo AES version of the game change hands for insane amounts of money, so a fresh physical release will be welcome news for collectors.

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