Wing Commander IV
Image: Origin / Owen Davies

Supercade creator Van Burnham has announced a crowdfunding campaign to bring George Oldziey's iconic contribution to the Wing Commander series to vinyl for the first time ever.

Composer Oldziey worked on Wing Commander III, Wing Commander IV and Wing Commander Prophecy, and, in 2014, crowdfunded a special re-recording of his scores with a full orchestra and chorus. After a successful campaign, the music was recorded with the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra and Lucina Chorus and released on CD and digital download.

Now, Supercade is bringing it to vinyl for the first time, offering 'standard', 'special' and 'deluxe' editions.

The campaign is looking for $15,000 to enter production, although that goal is flexible, and Supercade will receive the funds raised even if it doesn't meet it.

The first Wing Commander game was released in 1990, with the final mainline entry being 1997's Wing Commander Prophecy (although it should be noted that series creator Chris Roberts was not involved). 2007's Wing Commander Arena is considered to be a non-canon spin-off.

Roberts has since found fame with Star Citizen, a crowdfunded space title that raised over US$63.25 million as of March 2020.