Xeno Crisis N64
Image: BitmapBureau

Last weekend, Bitmap Bureau announced on April Fools' Day that it was bringing the retro-inspired shooter Xeno Crisis to N64 and GameCube (as spotted by Nintendo Life).

You may think the company was simply trying to pull one over on its followers and to be honest, we did too. But in the announcement on Twitter, the developer made a point of clarifying that these were actually real products and that it had already started taking pre-orders for these new versions of the game.

Both the N64 and GameCube versions come in boxes that are designed to blend in with the rest of your collection, with the N64 packaging, in particular, looking absolutely stellar. Don't believe us? Then you can check out these images from the pixel artist Jon Davies who posted a glimpse of their own copy earlier this week.

If you're interested in getting your hands on one, the N64 version of the game will set you back £55, whereas the GameCube copy is priced at £30. Both include a functional cart and disc that can be played on real hardware, alongside a complimentary ROM download. You can also select the region you want on the website (both versions are region-free but some restrictions apply to the N64 copies because of their different-shaped shells).

Preorders are expected to ship in late April 2023.

[source shop.bitmapbureau.com, via twitter.com, nintendolife.com]