Image: HyperMechTech

Blaze Entertainment, the company behind the excellent Evercade line of consoles, has announced a new brand: HyperMegaTech.

The new company's aim is to bring "great licenses and properties together with retro and nostalgic products featuring modern sensibilities", and it will be working in the realms of video games, toys, board games and consumer technology. "HyperMegaTech will be the brand that brings quality to mass-market retro-styled products with officially licensed properties," says Blaze.

The new company has been established to allow Blaze's "expertise" to encompass "multiple entertainment product industries," and it won't be focused entirely on retro gaming, as is the case with Evercade.

"Whilst video games make up a lot of the current activity for Blaze Entertainment in a public-facing way, product design and handling of properties that we license are not limited to retro gaming," continues the PR. "We will also be looking at developing products for modern properties either in a retro style or sensibility as well as reinvigorating the existing retro market."

Like Evercade, HyperMegaTech will deal directly with IP holders to create officially-licenced products. "We will be announcing our new products soon, but we can announce Blaze Entertainment has already worked with two major video game publishers to bring new licensed products for HyperMegaTech later this year," concludes Blaze.

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[source hypermegatech.com]