ROG Ally
Image: Asus

Asus has officially lifted the lid on its ROG Ally handheld gaming PC and says the new device will "redefine handheld gaming."

Rocking a 120Hz, 7-inch screen and (in at least one model) the AMD Ryzen Z1-series chip, the ROG Ally is taking aim for Valve's Steam Deck while carrying over a few of the innovations seen in Aya Neo's line of portable PCs, too.

That includes a full Windows OS (so you can run PC games and Steam, as well as Xbox Game Pass PC titles), LED lights around the sticks and a fingerprint scanner for security. It will also come with a dedicated app, like Aya Space on the Aya Neo Air, which gives players access to "all of their publisher libraries and game streaming services on a single device."

The Armoury Crate SE app will scan your device for installed titles and bring them together in a single menu – a key consideration when you consider that Windows 11 isn't designed primarily for touchscreen interaction.

Asus is also giving away three months of Game Pass Ultimate with each purchase. As for the cost, an Asus representative is quoted by PC Gamer as saying: "I can tell you for sure that the price will be below $1,000. 200% it will be below $1,000."

So it's going to be $999, then.

The Asus ROG Ally is likely to be a beast when it comes to AAA gaming and emulation, but can this super-powerful portable really find a market at that price? We'll find out when it arrives on May 11th.