Sega Uranus
Image: TZMWX

Remember a while back, Sega showed off the 'Venus' handheld? It never got past the prototype form, but would eventually evolve into the Nomad โ€“ a portable Mega Drive / Genesis that was only ever released in North America.

While the Venus might be locked away in Sega's vaults until the end of time, a Chinese modder by the name of TZMWX has given the design a new lease of life โ€“ but, instead of housing 16-bit internals, this machine plays Sega Saturn games (thanks, RetroDodo).

Jokingly dubbed the Uranus by its creator (Sega was fond of naming its prototypes after planets once upon a time, you see), this mobile marvel contains an actual Saturn motherboard but drops the CD drive for an Optical Disc Emulator in the form of the Fenrir.

There's a 4M RAM cart installed (so you can play titles like X-Men vs Street Fighter and Street Fighter Zero 3) and 4M EXRAM. The 3300mA battery is good for around three hours, and there's a 3.5-inch 640x480 IPS LCD to round things off.

It's not the first time that TZMWX has attempted such a feat, either โ€“ if you browse their Twitter, you can find earlier portable projects from the modder.

Given that this is a one-off device, it's perhaps unwise to expect to see it turning up on Amazon any time soon, but we'd personally love to be able to own a handheld like this. In the meantime, Saturn emulation is possible thanks to powerful smartphones and handheld PCs like the Aya Neo Air, and the forthcoming Polymega app plans to bring Saturn โ€“ plus a host of other retro formats โ€“ to a wide range of devices, including portable ones.

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