Image: Nintendo

There are already countless ways to patch Tetris on the NES. but a new visual improvement hack from CAndiman recently caught our attention, thanks to its incredible premise.

The hack, which is called Minimal Elektronika, allows players to patch their NES ROMs to change the title's graphics to something more resembling the original Elektronika 60 version of the game. This is the green, bracket-based version of the game that Alexey Pajitnov initially created at the Dorodnitsyn Computing Centre in Moscow, for the old Soviet-made computer. So, if you fancy taking your retro playthrough to a whole other level, you'll probably want to give this one a bit of a closer inspection.

It's worth noting the download for this hack contains two different IPS files. The first, called Minimal Elektronika 1_0, keeps the tetrominoes and the playfield the same size, while the second, Minimal Elektronika 2_0, shrinks both of these down slightly. Gameplay, however, remains unaffected from the original NES game.

You can download the hack now from Romhacking.net, with the patch intended to be used alongside either the Tetris (USA) or Tetris (U) versions of the game.

Are you going to give this one a go? Let us know in the comments!

[source romhacking.net]