Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition
Image: Ziggurat Interactive

Today Ziggurat Interactive released Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition on the Nintendo Switch eShop and PC (Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store).

The new release is an enhanced version of the '90s cult classic air-combat game from developers Terminal Reality (the studio behind BloodRayne) and features a bunch of improvements such as a better framerate, longer draw distances, widescreen support, re-engineered sound for 360-degree audio, and achievements & trophies.

It puts players in the cockpit of an incredibly fast aircraft, with the objective being to fend off attacks from invading alien armadas in exhilarating, 360-degree combat. Players will battle across nine planets, each comprised of three levels, with pilots having a wide range of weapons and combat maneuvers at their disposal.

If you want to check it out for yourself, it currently costs just under £10 across all of the available platforms (the GOG page is still yet to go live at the time of writing). Versions for Xbox and PlayStation consoles are also coming soon. You can check out the trailer below: