Zeta Wing II
Image: @SarahJaneAvory

Back in 2020, Sarah Jane Avory released the award-winning shoot 'em up Zeta Wing for the Commodore 64, and over the last few years, she's been hard at work developing the eagerly-anticipated sequel, Zeta Wing 2.

To document this process, she's been sharing fairly regular development updates on Twitter (as spotted by IndieRetroNews). She gave potential players a look at Stage 1 and Stage 2, for instance, earlier this month, with the most recent update showcasing an early peek at the third stage of the game.

The video (posted above) demonstrates Zeta Wing 2's impressive parallax scrolling as well as gives players a taste of the recently-completed level music and enemy attack waves.

From what we've seen so far of the project, it all looks incredibly promising, with the game being both PAL and NTSC compatible, as well as featuring a fairly diverse range of challenging environments to blast through. Even more impressive is that Avory is apparently responsible for all of the programming, sound, and graphics herself. An incredible flex considering the quality of what they've shown so far.

There is still no news on a firm release date, but it is expected out later this year. We'll be keeping an eye on the project as it progresses, but for now, you can go follow Avory on Twitter to see more work-in-progress clips of the game as it develops. It's also worth noting that Avory is currently working on a follow-up to her RPG BrileyWitchChronicles, which again looks like another project that C64 fans might want to keep an eye on.

Did you play Zeta Wing? Are you excited for Zeta Wing II? Let us know in the comments!

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