Magician Lord
Image: ADK

Originally released in 1990, ADK's action-platformer Magician Lord was one of the earlier titles for both the Neo Geo Multi-Video System and Advanced Entertainment System. As a result, it never graced Nintendo's 16-bit machine, the Super Nintendo.

Now, though, thanks to one opportunistic developer named @maxwellolinda1, we can get a window into what might have been, with the fan putting together a beautiful demo of the game that you can run on SNES and various other emulators.

Before you go getting too excited, it's worth noting that the demo (as gorgeous as it is) is only brief, and the developer themself has claimed they don't intend to flesh it out further due to its complexity. Nevertheless, it's great to see something like this developed for the SNES for a change. The Mega Drive/Genesis did receive its own demo from @masterlinkueibr a few years back, but as far as we're aware that wasn't made available publicly. Instead, a couple of YouTube videos are all we have to go by.

The Super Nintendo demo features a snippet of the Dale of Evil Gods (AKA Stage 1 of the game) and allows you to walk around and attack using the young magician Elta. There's not too much else you can do, except maybe admire the scenery and spawn in the occasional enemy when you run out of stuff to kill. Should you want to give it a try, though, you can download the demo now from the original thread on Twitter.

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