Image: Goldlocke

Since Ghost Town Games' Overcooked was first released in 2016, there has been a ton of games that have tried to replicate the hilarious dynamics of its multiplayer gameplay. But, while most of these have traditionally targeted PC or modern consoles, the latest example, Supercooked!, appears to be taking a slightly different tack.

Developed by ChronoMoogle, Goldlocke, and BennySNESDev, Supercooked! is an Overcooked-like game for the Super Nintendo. You and up to three friends (via a multitap) can take control of a group of birds, preparing dishes to earn high scores and ascending "the mountain of cooking excellence." There are 8 stages in total, including a kitchen, street market, and frozen lake. It also contains 6 ingredients and 8 recipes.

As stated on its page, Supercooked! was a weekend project by three enthusiasts who loved the SNES growing up and who now celebrate their nostalgia by creating new games for it in their spare time. As there were no high-profile SNES game jams this year to take part in, the three recently took it upon themselves to have a little #SnesDevParty in the rural Eifel uplands in western Germany instead, and this is how the idea of Supercooked! came about.

The developers initially made a micro-production run of 16 handcrafted SNES carts for the game, but these have now run out. If you want to play the game, however, you can still obtain a digital copy from The downloaded ROM image can either be used with an emulator or put on a flash cart to use on real hardware. According to the technical information, it's been successfully tested on SFC 1/1/1, SFC 2/1/3, SNES PAL 2/1/3, SNES 1Chip, Analogue Super NT, and BSNES.

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