Aya Neo Next II
Image: Aya Neo

Aya Neo has established a solid reputation for creating powerful handheld gaming PCs, with the likes of the Aya Neo Next and Aya Neo Air already under its belt. These devices have almost always been described as 'Steam Deck killers' in the past, but its latest project could blow Valve's device clean out of the water – in pure processing muscle, at least.

The Aya Neo Next II boasts a massive 8-inch IPS screen, touch pads (like the Steam Deck) and an AMD Ryzen 7000 series processor (exactly which one isn't clear yet, but Aya Neo CEO Arthur Zhang has hinted that it may well be an unannounced 15-28 watt Ryzen 7040U processor, according to Liliputing).

We also have confirmation that the Aya Neo Next II will have discrete graphics – which means its GPU will be separate from its main processor.

Outside of some images, that's about all we currently know about the Aya Neo Next II – more information, including pricing, is still to come.

Aya Neo's previous products have traditionally been on the expensive side, so don't expect this to be in the same price band as the Steam Deck.

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