Aya Neo Air Plus
Image: Aya Neo

Chinese gaming firm has just announced new products for 2023 that will challenge Valve's popular Steam Deck.

First up is the AYANEO Air Plus, an enhanced version of the AYANEO Air from last year (which was also released in a 'Pro' form – we reviewed both here).

The AYANEO Air Plus will come with three chipset options: Intel i3 1215U, AMD Mendocino and AMD Ryzen 6800U. The Plus boasts a larger screen than that seen on the original model – but the impressive OLED panel seen on the original version has been replaced by an IPS LCD display. The battery is also bigger, while the audio system has been improved, too.

The second new product is the AYANEO Slide, which has a slide-up display which reveals a full keyboard underneath.

AYANEO exploded onto the scene with its original crowdfunded handheld a few years back and has produced other products – such as the AYANEO NEXT and AYANEO 2 – since then.

Finally, AYANEO confirmed two other devices or this year - the NEXT II and KUN. The former will have "Next-gen 7000 Series CPU, new discrete graphics and 8" screen".

These machines are all Windows-based handheld PCs, which not only makes them great for playing modern AAA titles on the move but also means they're brilliant for emulation. The catch is the price and stamina; battery life is often quite poor on the max performance setting.

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